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An Elle France cover story with pirates vertes of Ocean Rebellion.

Also see excellent coverage by Forbes, BBC, Guardian, Telegraph, and countless others.  January 2020.


Met June Caldwell in a pub after a Finnegans Wake celebration, we got chatting and ... she wrote a BBC play about it: Krusso. (Becoming a habit—my framing and wrongful imprisonment by the Metropolitan Police were dramatised by the BBC‬ as Someone must be lying.)  August 2020


Ocean Rebellion launch (and my shed) as reported in the Herald, Guardian, and Daily Mail, August 2020


Greenhouse Gas Scopes 5 (lobbying) and 6 (brand)—guest piece for Reuters Breaking Views with Rupert Read, August 2020


Rebel Rebel, excerpt in 3am Magazine from my forthcoming dialogue with Susana Medina We are the Dinosaurs


Audit's agency in accelerating decarbonisation—panel provocation I gave at ICAEW, August 2020.  (Video is behind a paywall for ICAEW members.)


With Extinction Rebellion at the World Economic Forum Davos 2020: Edie Lush's Nine Key Voices: XR together with Christiana Figueres, Gail Whiteman and others; an interview for Uptime; and a Summary note of the forum on Stakeholder Capitalism.


we are the asteroid, we are the dinosaurs, an excerpt from Susana Medina and Roc Sandford's forthcoming book on Extinction Rebellion and the climate apocalypse published in 3am Magazine, October 2019


Work in Progress: Comparing the Warming Effects of Different Greenhouse Gases over Time, a climate paper by Cato Sandford and Roc Sandford with a case study of emissions from hill farming


Decarbonising Christmas, covered in the Herald, the Scottish Daily Record, the Daily Record opinion, and the Sun, December 2019


Sinking Sand City and Jazz Wheels are in Square2, a group show at Studio ExPurgamento, London, November 2019


Gometra delcares a climate and ecological emergency, August 2019: coverage in the Herald, the Daily Record, the Scotsman and the Times


Coming to Summerhall at the 2019 Edinburgh Festival—

Change the World or Go Home—Dmitri Galitzine's art film which documents my family, the Isle of Gometra and some early Extinction Rebellion actions, as well as that disruptor of disruptors, Danny Shine


the underground island—an interview with Richard Marshall for 3am Magazine, December 2014


The laird who wants to save the planet and refuses to lord it up—an interview with Moira Kerr for The Herald, March 2019. Also covered in the Scotsman, the Daily Mail, the Daily Record, and the Daily Express.


How the mind changes, time expands when there’s no one else aroundan interview with Olivia Goldhill for Quartz Magazine, April 2016


What We Do in the Winter—an interview with Alasdair Satchel, November 2018


Isle of Gometra Website


Reflections on an unfair cop, Listener Magazine, January 1990


Psychic TV's score for Micha Bergese and Derek Jarman's ballet Mouth of the Night (video excerpt opposite)


Gometra – Living off the Gridinterview in Love Scottish Islands


How can Scotland cope with China's salmon demands? —a BBC programme on salmon farming


Best of Qualm 1


Best of Qualm 2


Evening Standard, 3rd October, 1985


Daily Mirror, 4th October, 1985


Hansard outings—


Hansard, 25th April, 1988


Hansard, 2nd May, 1988


Hansard, 18th May, 1988


Hansard, 10th June, 1989


Hansard, 19th June, 1989


Hansard, 22nd June, 1989








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