I grew up in England, Wales and Spain and was schooled at Dartington in Devon, taking a degree in Geography at Bristol University and modelling spatial phenomena at Pennsylvania State University before moving to University College London where my interest was the applicability of a natural science model to social sciences.  I have studied with the Open University and participated at symposia with the Rockerfeller Foundation, Bellagio in Italy and the NATO Advanced Studies Institute at Bonas in France.  I proposed a modest and minor refinement for enhanced statistical confidence in psychophysics whilst examining  introspective sensationless magnitude and its methodological implications in psychology, economics—the synthetic a priori may in aspects be non-Euclidian.  I am a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and was  ultra-briefly appointed an Honorary Fellow at Columbia, I believe for contributions to sciolism.


I have worked in farming and estate management for most of my life, and have served on the committee of the Soho Housing Association (which provides 700 affordable homes) and as director of their commercial start-up Soho Limited.  I have published 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st century writers and artists including Stendhal, Baudelaire, Fromentin, Nietzsche, Barker, Dimbleby & Schloessingk; have collaborated on Someone Must Be Lying, a BBC4 dramatization of my framing, wrongful arrest and false imprisonment by Her Britannic Majesty's Constabulary, about which parliamentary written questions on repeated occasions were evasively addressed by the Home Secretary; have appeared in national media on police corruption and reform (if the rationale of the liberal state is to protect the weaker from the stronger, helping the police perfect their integrity becomes crucial); and among many other human rights abuses was denied a right to family life within the UK and saddled with constructive exile on gender grounds by the British Government in contravention of articles 8 (right to family life) and 14 (equality) enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights and the Human Rights Act (1998).  I have lost count of the number of times I have been sussed, arrested, detained, questioned, or cautioned.


I joined Psychic TV for the whirlwind scoring of Micha Bergese and Derek Jarman's ballet Mouth of the Night, an episode as brief as it was stirring, and have provided informal residencies for and exhibited contemporary artists in Scotland and England.  With funding provided by the Metropolitan Police as compensation for my false imprisonment I endowed the Philip Dunn Trust, a micro-charity in memory of my grandfather.  I have been a trustee of the Мемориальная Библиотека Князя Г.В.Голицына in St Petersburg, Russian Federation.  I am interested in environment, civil rights, and architecture and am in formal rebellion against the British Government as a member of Extinction Rebellion.


My writing has appeared in Qualm, 3AM, the Telegraph, the Listener and the Exmoor Review; I stood as a Green Party candidate for Westminster City Council in 2010, 2014 & 2018; dismayed by the carnage and calamity of the car, I commissioned Alan Wakeman's 1980s blueprint of a car-free Soho as a case study for a car-free city; and I was a founder member of the Archipelago Forum, canvassing the Staffa Archipelago as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  I have campaigned successfully against three environmentally degrading factory salmon farms in the Archipelago, and am campaigning against a fourth: pollution is theft, as I can't help but say.  I do not the feed the hate-trolls and cyber-bullies which ensue.  And above all else, I am stricken by the immense suffering and unimaginable disasters being cooked up for us by the climate and ecological emergencies.


My Canadian forebears came on the emigrant ships to Nova Scotia.  Many of my Scottish forebears died for Scotland; like them, and preferring small countries, I believe in a cosmopolitan and economically numerate Scotland's independence when and if that is on the table.  Chauvinism I identify with the smiley face of racism.  I am named for Saint Roc, patron of mad dogs, sea storms and the falsely accused, who declined his mother's breast on holy fast days.  I am a single parent and live on my organic, off-grid farm on the Isle of Gometra and, obediently to High Court of Justice decree, otherwise in London.  S(he) am non-binary—there being 10 kinds of people: those who are binary, and those who aren't.


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